Utilize Katana webhooks for integrations and automation

Implement webhooks for orders, inventory, and more, or use them to easily create custom integrations and automation.

Published: 18.08.2022 2 min read

Katana recently released API endpoints to enable you to easily access all your data (from sales to manufacturing), making custom workflows and integrations a breeze. To go along with this, we’ve also released access to webhooks for Sales and Purchase orders, and an endpoint for webhook logs.

Today we’re introducing new webhooks for Manufacturing orders (MOs) and Inventory that aid in improving your API integrations and automation.

The benefits of webhooks

Webhooks offer an easy way to receive live programmatic notifications for changes to your data. Webhooks are especially useful if you’re running an app that needs real-time information from Katana.

The previous update gave our API users more transparency into their development process through a new endpoint for webhook logs. Now you can query up to a month of webhooks logs and receive them back as a CSV file.

Types of Katana webhooks

Katana webhooks are broken up into three main categories to make real-time integration and workflow customization more comprehensive. Today, we’re happy to provide you with webhooks for Manufacturing orders and Inventory.

These webhooks enable you to:

  • Sync inventory levels from Katana to an e-commerce or marketplace platform, CRM, and more
  • Send updates about MOs to an MES or a machine
  • Send a notification if:
    • A product or material is out of stock
    • A MO or specific MO operation was completed
    • There is an issue blocking manufacturing (alert for a production manager)
    • Ingredients for a MO become available

Webhooks for Katana Sales orders (SOs) were released in a previous update, and they allow you to:

  • Sync sales order statuses between Katana and an e-commerce platform
  • Automatically update fulfillment locations
  • Receive notifications regarding SO creation, updates, and deletions

We also introduced webhooks for Purchase orders (POs) that allow you to build up workflows such as:

  • Sending POs to a third-party app and reporting back to it once items are received
  • Sending notifications if the expected arrival date of a PO is changed or when items are received (partially or fully) at a warehouse

Apart from the new webhooks, this latest update adds a new endpoint that allows gathering information about all inventory movements in one place for better analysis and overview.

Check out our guide for more detailed information on creating Katana webhooks or see the complete list of available events from the Webhook page.

What is API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface, a software intermediary that allows two applications to communicate. Katana’s API is open, meaning developers outside of Katana can build into our software and make custom connections or integrations.

Happy customizing!

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