Know The Types Of Road Maintenance

Roads are very much a part of the daily lives of the people. They provide a clear way to our destinations and favor several tasks of livelihood. Due to this much importance in lives around societies, their health and maintenance is something that remains the top priority of the governments, social bodies, and people. For this, they engage several road services by hiring professionals such as North East Road Services to remove the hindrances, the earliest possible. Here are some types of road maintenance services that are needed.

Emergency Maintenance

As the name suggests, emergency maintenance of roads can be very cumbersome situation to handle. This is because it is unplanned, requires quick action, and involves a lot of disruption. This type of maintenance is required when the roads get damaged due to rains, storms, tremors, or any other natural calamity or can include man-made instances like severe accidents, pipe blasts, or any other such situation. They are caused by severe devastation’s and can again cause them if not attended in time.

Reactive Maintenance

Reactive Maintenance occurs as a response to some situations requiring the service. They look somewhat like emergency services but are considerably lower on risk levels. The need for such maintenance arises when something is skipped off by the municipal bodies or goes unnoticed by them.

Preventative maintenance

Just like the name, preventative maintenance is undertaken to avoid any uncertainty from taking place in the future. The maintenance acts comprise of identifying the factors that can contribute to the future damages or are the starting signs for them and removing such factors in the minimum time possible.